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BioCRUDE welcomes you as a potential investor. If you wish to have more information than what is available here or would like to have a personal conversation with one of our officers, please contact us.

Our LITERATURE ON PROCESSES AND TECHNOLOGIES is a great starting point for anyone not familiar with our products, processes and our mission. Most people don't fully understand that an investment in green technology will not only produce excellent financial results but could save their lives.

Reformation of waste and renewable energy sources are dynamic markets, prime for the development of new and innovative technologies that meet the ever-changing demands of environmental regulations and end-user demands. The full extent of the business opportunity is apparent with the need for improved pollution control, environmental protection, and the emergence of segments of the population into the 21st century in terms of technology. These demands are critical globally. There is no wiggle room in the time frame in which every country has to address these all important issues.

There are many positive indicators for investment success in renewable energy resource projects and companies. More Info >>

In 2005 there was a record amount of worldwide investment in renewable energy. Some of that can be attributed to new domestic policies and incentives, some to the Kyoto Protocol ratification, and some to local market drivers. Many investors believe that biofuels and renewable resources will become major market players in the coming decades. This is not a short-term trend. These are important long-term solutions to tangible and serious problems. More Info >>