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Waste management is a vital issue around the globe, one that is demanding immediate and effective solutions. In some countries, the problem exists at the most base level: a collection of garbage is non-existent.

BioCRUDE Technologies, Inc. has developed efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products and systems for the reformation of waste material, waste management and a creation of renewable energy.

The versatility and potential of the BioCRUDE Technology have been demonstrated by the many uses that our R & D department has already tested and verified. The avenues they have explored include sustainable and cost efficient methods that will enlarge composting and bio-methanation yields and rates of decomposition while increasing output and providing a higher quality of end product. Their focus is on waste treatment protocols for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), cellulose, all organic waste and all manure types; improved functioning of septic tanks; renewable energy sources such as biogas, ethanol and biodiesel; waste water treatment, and multiple other applications.

Environmental issues have taken the forefront globally, creating solid expectations for investments in green technology. The company will pursue Licensing agreements, Joint Ventures and Revenue sharing agreements for the use, fabrication, and sale of the independent products and processes.