Integrated Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Processing Complexes

One very important area that BioCRUDE technologies excel in is the reformation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) using our intrinsic intellectual property and know-how in Integrated Waste to Energy Processing Complexes. Understanding the nonhomogenous nature and characteristics of the waste, we can define distinct processes to handle the varied categories of waste (MSW can be classified into organics, fuels, recyclables, inerts and others), once segregated with an efficient separation process.

Municipal Solid Waste can be defined as all solid waste generated in an area except industrial and agricultural wastes, typically from residences, commercial or retail establishments. Sometimes includes construction and demolition debris and other special wastes that may enter the municipal waste stream. The EPA (1998c) defined municipal solid waste as "a subset of solid waste and as durable goods (e.g., appliances, tyres, and batteries), non-durable goods (e.g., newspapers, books, and magazines), containers and packaging, food wastes, yard trimmings, and miscellaneous organic wastes from residential, commercial and industrial non-process sources.

The MSW can be classified in the following categories:

a) Organics
b) Fuels
c) Recyclables
d) Inerts
e) Miscellaneous

Each category has its own distinct composite classification. To achieve an optimal Waste to Energy procurement, one has to analyze separately the inherent category contributions to energy yield and its correlated technological process of extraction in obtaining same in the most economical sense available; thus, the importance of segregating the MSW into the appropriate categories of distinct feedstock is of principal importance for optimal performance in the appropriate technological processes; thus, distinct processes (bio-methanation and composting for organics and RDF for fuels) can be combined in a hybrid process system to yield optimum biofuels and other marketable by-products (high-grade fertilizer) outputs.