BioCRUDE Technologies' Products

There are a number of different products (enzymes) and optimized refined processes that are currently available from BioCRUDE, all scalable and capable of being personalized to the individual needs of each client and project. We started with a self-contained and self-sufficient unit designed (composting and biogas) for small applications, but have branched out into development and refinement of larger and other processes, stand-alone and hybrid, and uses for homogenous and mixed feedstocks (waste). We believe that our contributions to "green" technology will contribute heavily to the revolution in the waste management and renewable resource industries.

The aim is the production of renewable Environmental friendly useable and saleable by-products such as biofuels for energy procurement, high-quality fertilizer and other process dependent by-products (carbon black from pyrolysis and glycerine from transesterification).

BioCRUDE’s technologies can be successfully applied to all types of manure (pig manure inclusive), organics/biomass, fuels (plastics, PVC’s, and hydro-carbon based products), waste oils, waste tires, MSW, medical waste and organic sludge amongst others. Knowing the nature of the waste is a requisite determinate on what technological process of waste reformation to utilize for Energy/Biofuels procurement. The following is a list of some feedstocks (Waste products) and the optimal choice of technological procurement process:

  • Organics – Composting and Biomethanation (Biogas)
  • Starch or Sugar based Organics – Distillation/Fermentation
  • Biomass – (Cellulose based) RDF
  • Fuels – Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Pyrolysis and Gasification
  • Sewage Sludge – Biomethanation and Pyrolysis
  • MSW – Integrated technologies of RDF, Biogas and composting (BioCRUDE’s preference) or pyrolysis
  • Vegetable Oils/Animal Fats – Transesterification
  • Waste Oils/Tyres – Pyrolysis
  • Medical Waste - Pyrolysis

Our refined processes and process enhancers (enzymes/catalysts) have been shown to positively impact optimization by reducing time factors, odor, and production costs while increasing yield output.

One very important area that BioCRUDE technologies excel in is the reformation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) using our intrinsic intellectual property and know-how in Integrated Waste to Energy Processing Complexes. Understanding the nonhomogenous nature and characteristics of the waste, we can define distinct processes to handle the varied categories of waste (MSW can be classified into organics, fuels, recyclables, inerts and others), once segregated with an efficient separation process.