BioCRUDE Technologies' Services

BioCrude Technologies, Inc. offers a complete suite of services stemming from Consulting, Project Management & Supervision to Complete Turn-key Project Solutions. BioCrude Technologies, Inc. has not limited itself only as a Client based service provider but has diversified its endeavors to encompass Joint Ventures and Licensing of IP & Know how.

Engineering and Consulting Services

Complete client advocacy from project conception to project realization for Renewable Resource Technology based project components and Integrated Systems:

1. Engineering Support of Environmental Permitting
2. Pre-Feasibility Study
3. Economic, Financial, and Technical Feasibility Analysis and Studies
4. Preliminary Engineering Services

Economic Analysis and Project Risk Analysis
Estimates of Total Capital Costs and O&M Costs
Preliminary Permitting and Environmental Assessments
System Studies / Analyses and Conceptual Design

5. Reliability Analysis
6. Selection of Technology/Configuration/Size
7. Site Selection
8. Technical Due Diligence
9. Project Management & Supervision

Renewable Technologies Engineering & Consulting

Selection of the most suitable technology (is) for requisite applications to resource evaluation (feedstock).

1. Biomass/MSW/Fuel (plastics, polymers, wood chips,..)/ Inerts
2. Biofuels


3. Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
4. Composting
5. Pyrolysis
6. Integrated Technological Co-Generation Processes

Feasibility Studies
Conceptual Design
Detailed Design
Permitting Support
Renewable Energy Strategy and Planning
Project Management & Supervision

New Integrated Waste to Energy Project Engineering Services


1. Strategic planning and economic analysis.
2. Market assessment.
3. Feasibility study.
4. Economic and financial feasibility analysis to facilitate financing.
5. Siting.
6. Licensing/permitting.
7. Project design, engineering, optimization and development

Greenhouse Gas Services

Comprehensive services to analyze GHG regulatory regimes and develop innovative compliance strategies and plant designs.

1. CDM Project Development (Compliance Literature and Detailed Project Report(DPR))
2. Carbon Capture and Sequestration
3. Carbon Credit Analysis
4. Carbon Footprint Services
5. Energy Efficiency
6. Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy and Planning
7. Renewable Energy
8. Regulatory Analysis

Plant Improvement Engineering Services

Consulting, engineering, design services to support retrofit and improvement projects.

Tender Preparations

1. Client consultation and Tender Preparation:

Request for Proposals (RFP)
Request for Qualification (RFQ)

2. Tender (RFP/RFQ) Administration and Technical Review

Bids to Tenders

1. Bid Document Development and Bid Process Support
2. Contract Administration and Technical Review


Licensing of Intellectual Property and Know How

Joint Ventures

Establish mutually beneficial working contractual relationships with Governmental Institutions, Funding entities and/or other interested parties for the full execution of Integrated Waste to Energy Processing Complexes or portions, thereof.