Our Partners


The Jaipuria Advanced Technologies, Pvt. Ltd. division of the Jaipuria Group has joined forces with Biocrude Technologies, Inc. to pursue Waste to Energy Projects/Contracts in India. Under this agreement, the New Joint Venture Division will; design, build, operate and maintain waste to energy infrastructure complexes using Biocrude’s Intellectual Property, Know How, Management and Expertise. JAIPURIA GROUP will facilitate project financing and financial structuring.

The Jaipuria Group’s business acumen and leadership have established a business empire with diverse interests in food & beverages, textiles, education, real estate, waste management & energy procurement, ayurvedic products and manganese mining. Today JAIPURIA's portfolio boasts of association with majors like PepsiCo as bottlers. Leveraging on the trust of its associates, clients, and employees, the group is surging ahead towards a bright future.




On April 4th, 2017, SINOCONST’s Senior Vice President and CFO, Ms. Zhang Ai Li, and BioCrude Technologies, Inc.’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. John Moukas, have signed a strategic Partnership (JV) Agreement which embodies the understood exclusive engagement by and between the participants of the JV Consortium (SINOCONST and BioCrude) for any present and future Waste to Energy Project(s) acquired by any party worldwide. SINOCONST will be responsible for the EPC works (for the development of the Project(s) [Design and Build]) as well as securing the financing (funding) for the Project(s), whilst BioCrude will be the de facto operator (Operation and management). Both SINOCONST and BioCrude will engage with SPV’s/SPE’s, with Contract (Project) Agreements and Operation and management Agreements.

On April 4th, 2017, SINOCONST’s General Manager of the Group Business Development Department, Mr. Zhou Tao, and BioCrude Technologies (Comoros), LTD. [Hong Kong SPV established by SINOCONST and BioCrude as a JV Partnership], Chairman and CEO, Mr. John Moukas, have signed a Construction (EPC) Contract Agreement which embodies SPV’s engagement of SINONST to Design, Construct, and Finance BioCrude’s Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Energy Complex in the municipality of Moroni, Autonomous Island of the Grande Comore, Union of the Comoros, to treat MSW and procure renewable energy and other marketable by-products (organic fertilizer, ash, primary feedstock for building materials, etc.…) within the conforms of BioCrude’s acquired Concession and Power Purchase Agreements, as well as BioCrude’s Deed of Assignment pursuant to a Public-Private Partnership with the Governmental Authorities of the Autonomous Island of Grande Comore, Union of the Comoros.