Investment Indicators

The major positive indicators for the success of this business opportunity are:

1. Timing

There has never been a time in history when so much concern about environment issues has been addressed in governmental regulations and debates, as well as at the individual level. Global communications make it possible for news of world conditions to be transmitted almost instantly. In North America, where most people have some kind of access to information, it is becoming increasingly apparent that global warming is not going to influence our climate sometime in the future, it is happening RIGHT NOW. Tsunamis are wiping out hundreds of thousands of lives, destroying vast amounts of property and land. Climatic incidents in the US and Canada are becoming commonplace: tornadoes, hurricanes, incredible amounts of snow across the continent, unusually hot and humid summers. Europe faced heat waves that killed a number of people. Not everyone is just chalking up these freak weather conditions to El Nino. It is very difficult not to attribute a large part of the responsibility for these problems to global warming.

2. Necessity

There are approximately 2 billion off-grid people that need to be provided with what have become the necessities of modern life. There are no way for developing countries to expand their power grids to supply these people with electricity, and cooking and food storage facilities. Necessity is dictating that these governments fund installation of independent local units, such as the BioCRUDE system.

Proper and environmentally correct waste disposal in the major of areas in emerging countries is negligible and the living conditions are abominable. This situation cannot be allowed to continue as soil and water are increasingly contaminated. In these areas, a local solution has to be found, as there are many logistical problems with the central processing of the waste product.

The health of the entire world is put at risk by these conditions. Viruses and bacteria grow unchecked, and the possibility of a pandemic is now turning into likelihood. Half the world population could be wiped out in such an outbreak.

The BioCRUDE system can be instrumental in the solution of these problems and is available just when it is most needed.

3. Regulatory trends and government funding

Across the globe, countries are developing and instituting rules and regulations for treatment of waste and use of renewable energy. The governmental mood could not be perfect for funding of research, or for the purchase of a system that can be locally installed, and has the flexibility to deal with more than one problem.

From electrification and pollution control programs in developing nations to efforts in containing pollution and providing independence in fuel supply in developed areas, the move is toward better waste management and use of renewable resources.

The BioCRUDE technology can satisfy the requirements of these trends and new regulations.

4. Technology

The BioCRUDE technology has produced a system that can treat the two major environment needs while satisfying the four main global environmental concerns. It is a self-contained, scalable system that is quickly and easily installed and operated, is flexible in potential usage, has an unfailing and independently occurring feedstock, and leaves a small footprint on the global ecosystem.

Additional technologies are being researched that will utilize the entire system or individual aspects, so expandability of use of the system, and an increase of the product base is a real asset for future business growth.

5. Investment Trends

It is obvious from the latest investment trends that this sector has become appealing, and shows less element of risk. As governments commit themselves to renewable energy and enact tougher regulations for pollution control, investors have become more confident in the potential of this market. Banks, large financial groups, bond markets, venture capital, and private investors are seeing that companies dealing with renewable energy will become major players in the market for a sustainable amount of time. This is not a short-term trend.

Emerging markets in developing countries are exerting a strong influence on global investment. The potential for BioCRUDE is huge in these markets. It is the right product at the right time. Aggressive marketing approaches are being developed to exploit this potential.

Because of the estimated technical, economical and environmental advantages and benefits offered by this technology, BioCRUDE has the potential to become one of the leading waste reformation/reduction and renewable energy systems in the global market.

BioCRUDE Technologies Inc.