Message from the CEO

Challenge: that is an exciting word born out of the best and the worst of times.

These are times of true and exciting challenge. But they are also times of extreme risk. Failure to meet and defeat the huge, and conceivably deadly problems facing our planet, is a frightening scenario.

To meet a challenge and succeed requires a new perspective, talent, inventiveness, and daring. Nothing less will suffice. The tried and true has proven to be over-tried and far from true.

For all those involved in the inception of BioCRUDE Technologies, there is a very basic, deeply implanted concern about the future of our planet. The key is simple: we KNOW where we have to go.

We KNOW how important our work is, and what a huge difference we can make to the future of the planet. We accept the challenge that our technology has to face.

We KNOW that this technology WILL succeed in helping to turn the tide and that makes us more determined to push on in the fields of Research and Development, and to implement our present solutions as quickly and as extensively as possible.

This knowledge is the rock upon which we have built this company.

For years people thought that the effect of environmental abuse would be the unfortunate inheritance of our children and grandchildren. But obvious changes in planetary conditions have been a real wake-up call for us. Global “climate changes” caught up with us sooner than we anticipated. The possibility of worldwide epidemics, as well as the toxic levels of pollution in the air we breathe and the water we drink, carries a message that we can no longer choose to misread.

We feel that BioCRUDE Technologies can make a major contribution to solutions that will decelerate our downhill slide. Hand in hand with some of the top specialists in the field, and under the supervision of Mr. Chiovitti (head of our R & D Department and Supervisor of Project Development) we have made giant steps in developing new processes and enzymes that will revolutionize the face of waste reformation and creation of clean energy.

Installing a BioCRUDE system or process is like buying something in a 2 for 1 sale: you get double the performance. Our technology has married waste management and generation of renewable power so that one process deals with both issues.The Wind and solar power generating plants have been important innovations in the battle to electrify over 2 billion off-grid households. But they are one-trick ponies. Composting programs deal with the reduction of waste stocks while producing fertilizer, a by-product that can become a valuable revenue stream. BioCRUDE deals with BOTH issues at the same time. In addition, our technology has developed means of speeding up the composting process so that there is a greater yield of fertilizer to sell, more biogas to feed power producing turbo generators, and a whole lot less garbage choking our environment.

It is late in the game, but not too late. We CAN still turn the tide of environmental destruction. We CAN maintain our power hungry lifestyle with little or no environmental damage. We CAN bring developing countries up to new standards without threatening the entire global system. And we CAN reduce waste stocks to manageable amounts.

Waste mismanagement has to be relegated to the past. Renewable, clean energy is the future.

BioCRUDE is ready for the future!

John Moukas
CEO & Director of Project Development
BioCRUDE Technologies Inc.