Mission Statement

How extraordinary would it be to start your work day with the thought that your mission is to help save the world?

Not invent a new automotive do-dad that can hold a drink or play DVDs for your kids. Not develop a new "system" for washing dishes, cleaning house, or hanging your wash out. Not designing a new shoot-'em-up-kill-everyone console game. Not sitting at a sewing machine putting together this minute's indispensable fashion accessory.

Saving the world. Imagine!

How amazing would it be to know your work contributes to finding solutions for pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, eliminating landfills and incinerators, generating clean, non-fossil-fuel renewable energy, and controlling disease?

Everyone involved in BioCRUDE Technologies knows exactly what it feels like. Saving the world is our business, and it feels great!

The mission, or vision, of the creators of BioCRUDE Technologies, is to develop viable methods for conversion of waste products into inexpensive and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Putting it bluntly, …. “Solutions to Save the World!”

The market for green, eco-friendly production of renewable resources and efficient method of waste reduction is growing at a massive rate as people become more aware of the fragile state of the planet. BioCrude technologies, processes, and systems address the majority of these concerns, satisfying the needs of the current green energy market.

The technology deals with the issue of waste disposal, renewable fuel sources, pollution control, and global warming as impacted by the generation of energy resources. This opens up whole new markets for production financially valuable by-products.

Having a reliable source of renewable energy, as well as dealing with serious waste disposal problems, make the issue of reformation of waste products a vital and urgent concern. In addition, independence and a secondary revenue stream are important for keeping the smaller agricultural enterprises, industries. and municipalities financially healthy and in aiding in the development of emerging markets globally.

Markets for reasonably priced fuel, and solving the four main environmental issues affecting the planet, DEMAND a system such as BioCRUDE.

BioCRUDE Technologies Inc.