A strategic Partnership (JV) Agreement with China Machinery Industry Construction Group Inc. (SINOCONST) for the development of a Waste to Energy complex in the Union of the Comoros

On April 4th, 2017, SINOCONST’s Director, Ms. Zhang Ai Li, and BioCrude’s Chairman and CEO, Mr. John Moukas, have signed a strategic Partnership (JV) Agreement which embodies the understood exclusive engagement by and between the participants of the JV Consortium (SINOCONST and BioCrude) for any present and future Waste to Energy Project(s) acquired by any party worldwide.

SINOCONST will be responsible for the EPC works (for the development of the Project(s) [Design and Build]) as well as securing the financing (funding) for the Project(s), whilst BioCrude will be the de facto operator (Operation and management). Both SINOCONST and BioCrude will engage with SPV’s/SPE’s, with Contract (Project) Agreements and Operation and management Agreements.