A Construction (EPC) Contract Agreement with China Machinery Industry Construction Group Inc. (SINOCONST) for the development of a Waste to Energy Complex in the Union of the Comoros

On April 4th, 2017, SINOCONST’s General Manager of the International Projects Division, Mr. Zhou Tao, and BioCrude Technologies (Comoros), LTD. [Hong Kong SPV established by SINOCONST and BioCrude as a JV Partnership], Chairman and CEO, Mr. John Moukas, have signed a Construction (EPC) Contract Agreement which embodies SPV’s engagement of SINONST to Design, Construct, and Finance BioCrude’s Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Energy Complex in the municipality of Moroni, Autonomous Island of the Grande Comore, Union of the Comoros, to treat MSW and procure renewable energy and other marketable by-products (organic fertilizer, ash, primary feedstock for building materials, etc.…) within the conforms of BioCrude’s acquired Concession and Power Purchase Agreements, as well as BioCrude’s Deed of Assignment pursuant to a Public-Private Partnership with the Governmental Authorities of the Autonomous Island of Grande Comore, Union of the Comoros.

In April 2017, BioCrude, with SINOCONST, incorporated in Hong Kong, China, a Special Purpose Vehicle/Entity (SPV/SPE), “BioCrude Technologies (Comoros) Ltd”, whereby said SPV has been created as a caveat to enable direct securitization of financially engineered loans (and other receivables) against direct assets (Concession and Power Purchase Agreements with attached Sovereign Guaranties). Both BioCrude and SINOCONST have engaged with the SPV/SPE with Contract (Project) Agreements and Operation and management Agreements, respectively.