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Since July 2007, BioCRUDE Technologies, Inc. has taken the initiative to market and promote its intellectual property and specialized technical expertise throughout the Market place, both nationally and globally (we have introduced our technology to Governments and Major Conglomerates in the Waste to Energy sector) in UAE, Italy, Greece, India, Lebanon, Qatar, Canada, USA, Dominican Republic and China; specializing in waste to energy technology milieu, BioCRUDE has successfully opened up dialogue with respectable corporations for near future contractual negations.

The major positive indicators for the success of this business opportunity are:

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While concerns are increasing over how long global oil supplies will match consumer needs, the pathway is widening for companies offering technological and environmental solutions. With increasing support from a Federal level and individual States increasing their incentives for energy saving products, companies already establishing themselves in this sector are also in a position to expand their product lines and reach into new areas being promoted at a government level.

The venture capital world has had a stormy relationship with energy technology. Over the past twenty years there have been a number of waves of interest in new and renewable energy technologies, usually coinciding with periods of high oil prices, but activity has always died back in the face of low-cost, fossil fuel-based energy. The past four years have seen a remarkable increase in funds flowing into the sector. Will things be any different this time?


Sales in this sector reached over $35 billion globally in 2005, an impressive growth from 2004.