Technical Acronyms - E

E&P - Exploration and Production

EDR - Energy Development Report

EER, SEER - Energy Efficiency Ratio, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

EFS&EPD - Energy Facilities Siting and Environmental Protection Division

EIA - Energy Information Administration

ELFIN - Electric Utility Financial and Production Simulation Model

EMF - Electric and Magnetic Fields

EMM - Electricity Market Model

EMP – Environmental Management Plan

EOR - Enhanced Oil Recovery

EPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPC - Engineering Procurement & Construction

EPCA - Energy Policy and Conservation Act

EPR - Energy Profit Ratio

EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute

ERC - Emission Reduction Credit {offset}

EROEI - Energy Return on Energy Invested

ERP - Equity Risk Premium

ESA - Endangered Species Act (Federal)

ESA - Environmental Site Assessment

ESP - Energy Service Providers

ETP - Effluent Treatment Plant

ETSR - Energy Technologies Status Report

EUC - End Use Consumption

EUI - End Use Intensities