Technical Acronyms - C

C&I - Commercial and Industrial

CAA - U.S. Clean Air Act

CACW – Closed Air Circuit Water Cooled

CAFE - Corporate Average Fuel Economy

CAPM - Capital Asset Pricing Model

CARES - Conservation and Renewable Energy System

CBECS - Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey

CDM – Clean Development Mechanism

CEA - Canadian Electricity Association

CEERT - Coalition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies

CEM - Continuous Emissions Monitoring

CFB - Circulating Fluidized Bed

CFCs - Chloro-fluorocarbons

CFM - Cubic feet per minute

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

cfs – Cubic feet per second

CGWA – Central Ground Water Association

CII – Confederation of Indian Industry

CLUP - Comprehensive Land Use Plan

CNEL - Community Noise Equivalent Level

CNG – Compressed Natural Gas

CO - Carbon Monoxide

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide

COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand

CPCB – Central Pollution Control Board

CPCN - Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity

CPM - Compliance Project Manager

CSA - Canadian Standards Association

CSE - Conservancy and Sanitation Department

CSL - Candidate Standard Level

CT - Combustion Turbine

CT - Current Transformer

CTG - Combustion Turbine Generator

CTI – Cooling Tower Institute

CTL - Coal-to-Liquid Conversion

CU - Copper

CUM – Cubic metre

CWA - Clean Water Act