Technical Acronyms - T

TAC - Toxic Air Contaminant

TB - Trillions of barrels

TBL - Transmission Business Line of BPA

TBtu - Trillion Btu

TCF - Trillion cubic feet

TCF - Trillion cubic feet (dry natural gas)

TCM - Transportation control measure

TCU - Transportation, Communications and Utilities

TDM - Tariff Data Model

TDS - Total Dissolved Solids

TE - Transmission Engineering

TEOR - Thermally Enhanced Oil Recovery

TL - Total Losses

TL - Transmission line or lines

T-Line - Transmission line

TOC - Total Owning Cost

TOD - The Oil Drum

TOG - Total Organic Gases

TOU - Time of use

TPD - tonnes per day

TPH – tonnes per hour

TPY - tonnes per year

TS&N - Transmission Safety and Nuisance

TSD - Technical Support Document

TSE - Transmission System Engineering

TSIN - Transmission Services Information Network

TSP - total suspended particulate matter