Technical Acronyms - M

m - metre

M* - M2, M3, M4, M6 - Thickness of Core Steel

m/s - meters per second

MB - Millions of barrels

MBD - Millions of barrels per day

MCE - Maximum Credible Earthquake

MCF - Thousand cubic feet

MCF but in parentheses say (1000 cubic feet of natural gas)

MCL - Maximum Containment Level

MCM - Thousand circular mil (electricity conductor)

MEID - Merced Irrigation District

MER - Maximum Effective Rate (of production)

MG - milli gauss

mgd - million gallons per day

MIA - Manufacturer Impact Analysis

MID - Modesto Irrigation District

mld – Million litres per day

MMcfd - Million cubic feet per day (used with natural gas)

MMT - Million metric tons

MNRE - Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

MPE - Maximum Probable Earthquake

MRC - Maximum Reservoir Contact

MSW – Municipal Solid Waste

MT – Metric tonnes

MU – Million units

MV - megavolt

MVA - megavolt-amperes

MVAR - megavolt-ampere reactive

MW - megawatt (million watts)

MW (all capitals) / MWh - megawatt / megawatt-hour

MWD - Metropolitan Water District

MWh - megawatt hour

MWp - Peak megawatt