BioCRUDE Processes & Technologies

Technology, Products and Processes

The BioCRUDE system in essence, are products and processes, incorporated with seasoned professional management and leadership in the waste reformation milieu, producing usable and/or saleable energy sources and by-products. The end products of these processes range from methane/natural gas, ethanol, biodiesel, heat/pressure and fertilizer. However, BioCRUDE Technologies has also developed separate uses for the various components of the system that will revolutionize various waste management and renewable resource industries. BioCRUDE Technologies’ products and processes have been shown to positively impact on the composting and biomethanation processes, reducing time factors, odour, and production costs, while increasing yield output. This technology can even be successfully applied to waste such as pig manure, which has special issues and requirements. Waste water treatment, waste management and reformation, composting and production of high quality fertilizer, bacterial reduction for disease prevention, refinement into environmentally friendly biofuels (biogas, ethanol and biodiesel), are all concerns being addressed by our R & D department, with excellent results.