Corporate Overview

It is both a serious and a stirring time for the environment and green technology. The serious side of the equation is the fragile ecology that surrounds us. We have reached the line between maintaining our environment and destroying it. Ignoring that situation would be disastrous.

It is inspiring because we need to tap into all our talents and scientific resources to conceive of new and effective ways to deal with the massive ecological problems that face the world today. Those of us involved in green technology will know how high the stakes are; how important it is for our creativeness and intelligence to come together to create innovative and life-saving solutions.

BioCRUDE Technologies is a company that grew out of uncertain times and a massive need for invention. These are times when many companies fail to rise to the task, and new, young ideas carry other companies to the top.

We have assessed the main issues that we must address and we HAVE risen to the challenge.

There are four vital issues that affect the future of our planet: renewable energy sources, disposal of waste products, pollution control, and global warming. No project dealing with energy resources can ignore any one of these factors.

While there are many "green" solutions in various stages of development, testing, and production, there are some very important advantages in the BioCrude process over these systems. One major benefit is reduced composting time. Most processes involve lengthly resident time to break down the waste. We have shortened that time to as little as 4 weeks. The value in waste stock reduction and the increase in product yield achieved by condensing the process from months to weeks cannot be underestimated. "Quick Composting" means an abundance of clean renewable energy, a solution for the serious problem of rapidly accumulating garbage, and large financial gains for the client.

BioCrude Technology Inc. has developed many efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products and systems for the reformation of waste material, waste management and the creation of renewable energy.

The versatility and potential of the BioCRUDE Technology have been demonstrated by the many uses that our R & D department has already tested and verified. The avenues they have explored include sustainable and cost efficient methods that will enlarge composting yield and rates of decomposition while increasing output and providing a higher quality of end product. Their focus is on waste treatment protocols for cellulose, all organic waste, and all manure types; improved functioning of septic tanks; renewable energy sources such as biogas and biodiesel; waste water treatment, and multiple other applications.

Environmental issues have taken the forefront globally, creating solid expectations for investments in green technology. The company will pursue licensing agreements and Joint Ventures and revenue sharing agreements for the use, fabrication, and sale of the independent products and processes.

BioCRUDE Technologies Inc.