Company News

Since July 2007, BioCRUDE Technologies, Inc. has taken the initiative to market and promote its intellectual property and specialized technical expertise throughout the Marketplace, both nationally and globally (we have introduced our technology to Governments and Major Conglomerates in the Waste to Energy sector) in UAE, Italy, Greece, India, Lebanon, Qatar, Canada, USA, Dominican Republic and China; specializing in waste to energy technology milieu, BioCRUDE has successfully opened up dialogue with respectable corporations for near future contractual negations.

Jaipuria Advanced Technologies, Inc. ( and of India, and BioCRUDE Technologies Inc, announce the formation of a new division dedicated to Waste Reformation and Energy Procurement for the purpose of pursuing contracts in India (we will be opening an office in New Delhi, India in the near future, with the Jaipuria Group) . In many areas of the country, waste management and energy shortages are a serious problem. With Jaipuria’s construction and large project experience, and with the use of the intellectual property supplied by BioCRUDE in terms of waste management and production of renewable energy, we have, in January, 2008, submitted a bid, in response to a Tender for a Waste to Energy plant (2000 MT per Day) in Okhla and Tempura, India (we did not win), and Indore, India (Collection and Treatment of municipal waste; 600 MT per Day; we did not win), and are in final negotiations with Pepsi Co India to build a plant model (50 MT per Day in Panipat, India). This is a very important step for the company, one that will help establish a solid presence for them in the Waste to the Energy sector and demonstrate the effectiveness of their technologies and processes. Pepsi’s participation and financial support are a solid endorsement for the success of this new business amalgamation.

BioCRUDE Technologies, Inc. is presently dealing with 3 Municipalities in Romania (Bucharest, Focsani, and Brasov) alongside with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Finance for the implementation of 3 Waste to the Energy plants (we have just opened up a divisional office in Bucharest, Romania).

BioCRUDE Technologies, Inc. has presented proposals to major International Corporate Conglomerates for potential corporate works. Companies entertained include the following:

  • PepsiCo India, India
  • Englobe, Quebec, Canada
  • Jindal Water Infrastructure, India
  • ETA, Dubai, UAE
  • Punj Lloyd Ltd, India
  • Leahy Orchards, Inc, Quebec, Canada

BioCRUDE Technologies, Inc. is presently entertaining the Municipalities of New Delhi, India, Abu Dhabi & Dubai, UAE, Beirut, Lebanon and Chittagong, Bangladesh for Presentation/proposal of solutions in handling their present day needs of waste management and its inherent biofuels and marketable by-product procurement.