Corporate Overview

It is both a serious and a stirring time for the environment and green technology. The serious side of the equation is the fragile ecology that surrounds us. We have reached the line between maintaining our environment and destroying it. Ignoring that situation would be disastrous.

It is inspiring because we need to tap into all our talents and scientific resources to conceive of new and effective ways to deal with the massive ecological problems that face the world today. Those of us involved in green technology will know how high the stakes are; how important it is for our creativeness and intelligence to come together to create innovative and life-saving solutions.

About Our Company

BioCRUDE Technologies Inc. was co-founded by Mr. J.Moukas, who inspired the original BioCRUDE technologies and served as the creative advisor in the infancy...


Message from the CEO

Challenge: that is an exciting word born out of the best and the worst of times. These are times of true and exciting challenge. But they are also times of extreme risk.


Mission Statement

How extraordinary would it be to start your work day with the thought that your mission is to save the world?


Executive Summary

The attached Executive Summary is a comprehensive consolidated restatement and/or synopsis of BioCRUDE Technologies...